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Top 5 Tidy Ways to Earn Money Without Working

Posted by Sule Yesufu on December 11, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Work, work, work, what can the human race do without work? Nearly everyone works but very many human beings hate work anyway. Personally, I hate work passionately but I work anyway. That is the only way I believe I can live a meaningful life and be a useful member of the society. These days, even if you love to work, you can make money without actually working. That is possible by way of wise investments which generate passive income. Others in whose care your investments are do the working and the worrying, not you. That is the very interesting part. You however must have done something worthwhile in the past to secure these earnings. If not, you must be prepared to work all your life whether you like to work or not. That is the sad part. There are many ways you can plan your life so as to stop working and still be able to live a good life at some point in your life particularly in your yearning years. Top on the list are the five ways highlighted below.

01. You can earn interest on Bank Savings Account. If you have money saved in the bank, your bankers make money for you by way of compounded interest. You do nothing else but spend your money as you wish.

02. You can earn dividends and capital appreciation on Quoted Stocks. If you were able to acquire good company stocks in the past, you can earn money from dividends payout and stocks appreciation so long as the companies are doing well. You do nothing else but spend your earnings if you so wish.


03. You can earn a Pension. If you worked in any outfit in the past that qualified you for pensions, you earn it without any additional work on your part.

04. You can earn cash-flow profits from Real Estate. If you invested in Real Estate in the past, depending on the buoyancy of the economy, you can earn money in perpetuity from rents, leases and value appreciation. All these earnings will not require any additional work on your part.


05. You can earn royalties from Intellectual Property. Authors, Songwriters, Visual Artists, Inventors who managed to create very good and marketable intellectual properties from their works in the past will earn income from such works in perpetuity so long as the properties are making money.


It is possible for one person to earn income in all these fields if that person planned well and worked diligently enough for that purpose. The more the passive-income-earning portfolios you have in your kitty, the more financially comfortable you will be even without any additional work on your part. That is the cool part. I hardly know anyone who will not like to earn good money without having to toil daily to earn it. You however can not expect to be in such a position if you were unable to or neglected to work hard in the past to make such a situation possible. That is the snag and a very big snag it is. It is that snag which prevents many people from getting to that level. That is the main reason why not everyone can earn money without working. It is only people who deliberately worked towards it that get to attain it. Now that you know, won’t you do something about it right away?




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