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Top 5 Ways to Make Money Selling Information

Posted by Sule Yesufu on December 17, 2012 at 3:05 PM

It is no longer news that information has become the most in-demand and the most-consumed commodity in this age and time. Many people are now peddling information but not many are making money with it. It is only those who know how to who get to make money from selling information. The main information products people now sell are knowledge, skills, data and specialized information. The opportunities are so large and overwhelming that having to narrow them down in terms of classification is quite Herculean. However, the five ways highlighted below come tops on the list.


01. Authors. People earn money as authors by writing books, essays and articles. Some produce tapes in audio and video, CDs and DVDs which provide information that people want and are prepared to buy. What is most important for Authors is that their works must be good enough to attract willing buyers. That is the only way they can get to make money.


02. Marketing Consultants. These people sell information which help businesses to drive their profits. They earn income from percentage of profits or from gross earnings.


03. Internet Content Providers. These people earn revenue from advertising and royalties. Internet content providing is one very interesting way to make money these days. It has unlimited potentials and is capable of accommodating anyone who is knowledgeable enough and is willing to key in.


04. Software Creators. Good software creators earn very substantial revenues from royalties and rentals from the software they create and patent. The internet still appears to be in its infancy so software creators have a very large, unexplored and uncharted territory to practice their trade.


05. Franchisers. The main income source for franchisers is from franchising fees. The more the number of franchises they are able to sell, the more money they make. Franchisers are in very high demand in fast food and retail-chain businesses and they are making good money as a result.


The most attractive thing about selling information is that sellers incur very minimal overhead costs in terms of office space, staffing, machinery and equipments while marketing a seemingly intangible commodity which yields stupendous amounts of revenues. With the internet coming in handy, many information selling businesses are open 24 hours of the day throughout the year. That way, the sellers make money round-the-clock and in all days of the year. I doubt if making money can get any better than that.


The key to selling information is hinged on the fact that what you may take for granted because it is common knowledge to you surprisingly could be a revelation or a secret of immense value to someone else. It is more so if that person neither knows nor understands it. No matter the niche you are good at, once you know some “how to” better than everyone else, you will definitely get patronage from those who do not know as much as you do. Depending on the usefulness of this information to others, many of them will be willing to part with money to acquire the information. That is how information sellers get to make money in a highly unlimited field with stupendous earning potentials. There is room for everyone in information selling business. That is because nearly everyone knows one thing or the other better than someone else irrespective of their level of education, gender, race, creed or station in life. That is the beauty of the business.


However, knowing how to package what you know better than others is what determines who gets to make money by selling information and who does not. It is not enough to know something others do not know. What counts is your ability to package and market the information to attract willing buyers. That is the key to selling information and making good money as a result. Anyone, just about anyone can make money selling information and that includes you too.





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