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Best 6 Things You Can Do to Convert an Ordinary Business Into an Extraordinary Business

Posted by Sule Yesufu on December 20, 2012 at 7:00 PM

I have heard it said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra. In business, that extra may appear little at the beginning but when aggregated at the end of the accounting year, it becomes quite substantial. Many small business owners brain-storm everyday about how they can improve their businesses and by implication make more money. Those who assume that they need to do something very big to improve their businesses usually miss the point. When the chips are down, everyone usually needs little improvements here and there to give the much desired boost to their businesses. What is required is what everybody knows already but many ignore the little things to their own peril on the long run. Those who are able to correctly identify and improve on these little things get to make more money. Among the many little things you can do to improve your business, the following six are foremost if your aim is to convert an ordinary business into an extraordinary one.


01. You should be able to deliver premium value products or services. What customers want most is premium value at affordable prices. Any business that can deliver premium value consistently makes more money as a result.


02. You should be able to diversify your marketing efforts. If you are able to adopt some form of ingenuity to bring your product or service to your customers, you get to make more money. Packaging, handling and methods of delivery of your product or service can always be improved upon depending on what your customers want.


03. You should be able to market the business with irresistible offers. You must remember at all times that customers have a choice in the market place. The little extra things you can do to make your business stand out from others is what makes more money for your business.


04. You should be able to go out of your way to court customers. People who wait for customers to come to them can never make as much money as those who deliberately court customers. That is the reality of the market place. Any effort put forward to court customers can never be a wasted effort on the long run. It is customers who bring in the money. The more they come back to make repeat purchases, the more money the business makes.


05. You should be able to listen to your customers and to strive to satisfy them at all times. You must be able to device impeccable and ingenious ways of finding out how satisfied your customers are. The more satisfied customers your business has, the more money it makes.


06. You should be able to build customer loyalty by deliberate and calculated efforts. Always remember that you are in business because of the people who buy your product or service. Finding out what they need and how they need it helps you to do a great deal more for customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers make repeat orders and also help your business with referrals. You get to make more money as a result.


From the foregoing, you will discover that it is possible to take any ordinary business, improve on its core value, serve and satisfy customers a little bit above the ordinary and market the business a little bit better than others with a little extra effort. If you can do that, with time, the business will become an extraordinary business. Each and every one of these things when done properly is capable of generating tremendous returns for any business. On aggregation, the returns become quite substantial and can make a very wide and glaring difference in the fortunes of any business. Many small business owners who are able to do some of these little extra things on their businesses end up getting results that make their businesses appear extraordinary. Doing these things consistently and diligently puts them miles ahead their competitors on the long run. That is what creates the extraordinary outlook which is quite beneficial for any business and its owner.



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